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You can read more in the Canada Amish guide, just completed.

With Canada our last “state guide” entry–the Amish State Guide resource is now finished (well, that said there could be one more state to add on the horizon…).

Geography was key with Winston and I agreed based on my experiences but to me I always thought they were just vacations." - "Think about how many people sent Winston emotional thank you letters when they discovered his site. Because his articles presented opinions which were suppressed.

Most westerners are too uncomfortable speaking about politically-incorrect issues in daily life.

Society needs to cultivate strong characters with convictions not conformist drones.

Without contrary opinions to the popularly accepted ones people aren't given a choice." - "When I first stumbled across Happier Abroad, I thought this website was full of nonsense.

Ever since I read and found your website, my life is much easier." - IAwesome60"...while I do not exactly worship you, I think you are doing a great thing and I have mad respect for you.

If I try this out and by some cosmic fluke, it does not work for me, then I would not respect you any less than I do right now.

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