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However, expect periodic contact for ten years or longer, especially whenever your abuser loses one of her other victims.Hoovering is usually calculated to appeal to your sentimentality and timed to catch you at a weak moment, when you may be feeling vulnerable or nostalgic.If your abuser leaves a message that Auntie Ida is in the hospital and it’s very important that you call him back so he can tell you what’s going on, do NOT fall for it.You can get the same information by calling the hospital or Auntie Ida yourself, or by calling her husband or kids directly.If you're not using it anymore, she'd like it back." If you don't reply, which you shouldn't, then you can expect several more testy calls or e-mails getting progressively more insistent that you call or e-mail back, just for a second. Your abuser will often enlist a friend or relative to approach you for her, and deliver news that she is ailing, depressed, getting old, sorry for all that’s happened, or whatever else she can think of to make you feel guilty and relent.Expect your abuser to circumvent you and go behind your back to contact your husband and children, in an attempt to maintain a relationship with them that doesn’t include you.WHEREFORE HAST THOU DEALT THUS WITH US, TO CARRY US FORTH OUT OF , SAYING, LET US ALONE, THAT WE MAY SERVE THE EGYPTIANS?FOR IT HAD BEEN BETTER FOR US TO SERVE THE EGYPTIANS, THAN THAT WE SHOULD DIE IN THE WILDERNESS.

DO NOT leave a forwarding address at the post office- after the forwarding period is up, any card or letter your abuser sends you will get returned to him with your forwarding address on it; instead contact each of your creditors, friends, and anyone you want to keep in touch with individually and advise them of your new address. NO Letting Them Know When Your Children Get Married, Where They Live, Work, or Go To School, Or When Your Grandkids Are Born. Narcissists do not understand limits, maintaining a comfortable distance, taking it slow, or being cordial while still keeping someone at arm’s length. It's time to put a period on it, walk away, and never look back. Time to do what you must to protect yourself and your loved ones from evil people who would do you harm.I know another abuser who disowned her daughter and then stared at the wall and refused to speak until her Silent Partner husband called the disowned daughter, instead of calling 911.Another went to the Emergency Room with a headache and insisted that her estranged child be called and notified, even though she was not admitted and was sent home the same afternoon with a couple of aspirin.AND MOSES SAID UNTO THE PEOPLE, FEAR YE NOT, STAND STILL, AND SEE THE SALVATION OF THE LORD, WHICH HE WILL SHEW TO YOU TO DAY: FOR THE EGYPTIANS WHOM YE HAVE SEEN TO DAY, YE SHALL SEE THEM AGAIN NO MORE FOR EVER…. Hoovering will occur most frequently during your first year of no contact.If you continue to ignore it, it will lessen and probably stop for awhile as your abuser moves on to other victims.

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