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The court did not grant requests to add California dairy producers to the Class.

Organic grain industry sources report that USDA has announced fraudulent grain imports from Turkey have entered the U. This move comes after many months of concerned organic farmers pointing out the problems and nearly three months after a blockbuster expose by the Washington Post.

In writing about a pending surge in commodity Cheddar prices, she recommended that investors could hope on that uptick by buying stock in Dean Foods. And when disappointing second quarter earnings came out in August, Dean Foods stock continued its nose-dive having lost half its value from early January 2017 through late summer.

Wiegel explains the issues, and strongly urges that more research into Kappa Casein Es functionality be conducted in the U. Writer Ken Rabas offers his personal insights about curd formation issues involving milk from cows with the Kappa Casein E gene.

Kent Weigel about concerns that a variant of bovine milk proteins Kappa Casein E may not allow curd formation in cheese vats as efficiently as milk from dairy cows without the Kappa Casein E gene.

Individual seats at that banquet cost from ,500 to ,000. Bobbe concludes that USDAs under-funded organic grain police are no match for organized crime elements in Eastern Europe and Russia that are flooding the U. USDA hastily released three years of Reports to Congress on the dairy promotion programs.

USDA coughed up those reports following embarrassment as the Organization for Competitive Markets and the National Dairy Producers Organization revealed the governments failure to release that info in September.

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