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Blue, an instructor, says Patti called to teach her some dancing like Tommy used to do.

Allison says she’s a very intense athlete but this let her expressed herself in a more feminine way.Patti says they need to see each others perspectives to be blended. Patti tells Allison she’s got the perfect catch but is going to lose him and end up like Allison. Patti tells her to look sexy but says it’s too little girly. He asks why she picked him and she says she felt an instant connection and they had a lot in common.Patti invites them to the mixer for her other client. She says she wants them to get married so she can dance at her wedding. There’s a Mormon there and Patti asks him terrible questions about the holy underwear the kicks him out. They correct her expression then take her to meet the guys. Todd says he’s surprised that she picked him and is open to seeing if they can connect deeper.Patti tells Tommy to order for Allison then leaves. Then she talks to Aaron who is starting an organic margarita company. He’s smart, tall and wants to get married and have kids. Patti says she’s saving him for another picky woman. He says he dates all ages and was married and had one son. Then she talks to Steve, a 61 year old and likes him but saves him for another day. She introduces Devin to Allison and Tommy then takes Devin downstairs to meet the guys. He tells her he spends a lot of time being a soccer dad coaching his son’s team. He says fitness is a big part of his life and she says it is in hers too.Patti comes back to the office and complains to Candace and David about Allison and says she’s emasculating him and that he used to be a stripper. She sits her down with them and Patti, Candace and David step out. He says he even looks on vacation for places to work out.

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” Tonight’s episode is going to be another drama packed one, which you won’t want to miss. She was a fat child but has now mastered being healthy.

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  1. When I met my husband, he didn’t look anything like Morris (He has been mistaken for former NFL star, Donald Driver, though), but that was ok. I was marrying a human being who adored, respected and understood me!