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A pair of "droids" (short for android, even though only Threepio is human-shaped) who accompany the heroes on their various adventures.

Threepio is a "protocol droid" who helps smooth negotiations and understands 6 million forms of communication; he is fussy and quick to proclaim, "We're doomed." Artoo is an "astromech droid," making him a co-pilot for various starfighters, and is much more gutsy.

Upon hearing that a simple orbital bombardment is now a costly ground assault, Vader executes Ozzel on the spot and promotes Piett to admiral.

Commanding officer of the ground forces assigned to Darth Vader's personal squadron.

He personally leads the Imperial assault on Echo Base, firing the last shots which destroys the shield generator.

The Expanded Universe further expands his career, detailing how he was one of the few officers assigned to the Death Star who escaped and survived on his own on Yavin 4.

Also known as Darth Sidious, Dark Lord of the Sith.

However, when they arrive, the fleet drops too close out of lightspeed, giving the Rebels ample time to prepare their energy shield.

Originally a Senator from Naboo, he was eventually nominated Chancellor of the Republic and ruled with great popularity and acclaim.

During the Clone Wars, he began to take emergency war-time powers on himself.

The commanding officer of the second Death Star, Jerjerrod receives little screentime in the film, but is a more important character in the novelization.

Arrogant, and loving the exercise of power, Jerjerrod sees the Rebels in the same light that schoolyard bully sees his victims.

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