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In the face of a traditional preference for sons and the one-child policy in the world's most populous country, sex-selective abortion is common -- albeit illegal -- and almost 116 boys are born for every 100 girls in China, far above the global average of 107. "Many young men in China have difficulty finding girlfriends or socialising with women," said Zhang.

Despite the limitations of modern-day technology, Lumb is amazed of what the DS Doll head has accomplished, describing it as “revolutionary” and “a game changer.”While sex dolls are commonly used for sexual interactions, Lumb explains that these dolls also cater to photographers.

Instead he forked out 15,800 yuan, almost a month's pay, for his more realistic Chinese-made "156".

Her removable parts make cleaning or replacement easier, but despite lengthy prior research -- Liu can explain subtle differences between an exhaustive list of Chinese and foreign doll brands –- he was disappointed."As an industrial designer I can't neglect the lack of realistic details," he lamented.

"Then they will start to dress them up in different costumes...

and probably end up naming them like a human being.

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