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A Stanford group was also funded to develop whole genome sequencing platform to study HHV-6 and four other viruses post-transplant.

Swedish investigators have found HHV-6 protein in the pancreatic islet cells of both type 1 diabetes patients and controls.

Investigators from Uppsala University in Sweden found that HHV-6 Ig G reactivity was significantly lower in Alzheimer’s Disease patients compared to controls.At 100 days after transplantation, the overall survival rate was just 58.3%, compared with 80.5% for patients who did not develop encephalitis.High-dose antiviral therapy was shown to mitigate high mortality rates in these patients.Investigators at Kings College London report that seropositivity for CMV, Herpes simplex 1 and HHV-6 are all associated with a significant shortening of telomeres over a three-year period.Furthermore, the magnitude of the changes was large.

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The authors believe that MRV will be a useful mouse model to study the impact of HHV-6 & 7 in humans.

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