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Honesty and subject line length stand out in an inbox.Jared provided three formulas to get you started on the long, provocative track.As with everything in the digital age, there’s no such thing as a hard and fast rule, but (unless you’re very adept with the latest trends in interactions) there’s a good chance you’ll make your message look like it’s coming from a 12-year-old.On top of that, it could very likely get your message sent to spam folders.“ Tickle your recipients’ curiosity, and they’ll be unable to resist opening.

However, “Hey thought you’d like this :)” could be very effective when sent to customers who trust you and with whom you have an existing positive relationship.So, you have to nurture a relationship with your recipients so that they already trust you.This relationship isn’t built by just emailing people—it’s by identifying people in your target market and delivering the stuff they really want: solutions to their problems. For this reason, treat your emails like people in a relationship would email.So make sure that your voice is consistent in all aspects of your emails.We’d like to believe that we’re the only ones in our recipients’ world, but this isn’t a Disney movie; if you’re going to keep your email list engaged, you’ve got to know what others are saying to woo them, too.

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There’s a lot that goes into creating a clickable, compelling email.

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