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The traditional highlight of the week is Sunday lunch - long drawn out affairs - often lasting many hours.Find out what Greek delights, on Corfu, are typically on offer, and what the local Greeks eat.Do not forget that you can rent a motor boat - and no license is required!Renting a boat will be the experience of your Corfu holiday Corfu Getting Around If lying on Corfu's sun drenched beaches, or lazing by the pool, is not your scene, do not worry. Corfu island boasts Mount Pantokrator, which is over 1000 meters high, offering breathtaking views across to the Island of Paxos.Corfu enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate along with excellent beaches making it a popular destination for holiday makers.

The Agni Travel team, who are located in Nissaki Corfu, are on hand to advise you on where to stay.To view some of our rental properties on Corfu: Corfu Rentals Corfu Airport: Flying to Corfu , for most Europeans, is an easy flight lasting less than 3 hours.Corfu's International airport (Kapodistrias) is located on the edge of Corfu (Kerkyra) town, it is modern and compact.The roads, although often narrow, are easy to drive.A well as renting a car though, you can also consider taking a bus or use a local taxi.

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Use our clickable Corfu guide map to view detailed reports for each location and resort on Corfu.

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