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Such input is converted to the appropriate number of months, days, and seconds for storage.When this would result in a fractional number of months or days, the fraction is added to the lower-order fields using the conversion factors 1 month = 30 days and 1 day = 24 hours.For example, style produces output that conforms to the SQL standard's specification for interval literal strings, if the interval value meets the standard's restrictions (either year-month only or day-time only, with no mixing of positive and negative components).Otherwise the output looks like a standard year-month literal string followed by a day-time literal string, with explicit signs added to disambiguate mixed-sign intervals.uses the widely-used IANA (Olson) time zone database for information about historical time zone rules.For times in the future, the assumption is that the latest known rules for a given time zone will continue to be observed indefinitely far into the future.To complicate matters, some jurisdictions have used the same timezone abbreviation to mean different UTC offsets at different times; for example, in Moscow example above, this is not necessarily the same as local civil time on that date.

Remember that any date or time literal input needs to be enclosed in single quotes, like text strings. If no time zone is stated in the input string, then it is assumed to be in the time zone indicated by the system's Time Zone parameter, and is converted to UTC using the offset for the are specially represented inside the system and will be displayed unchanged; but the others are simply notational shorthands that will be converted to ordinary date/time values when read.The length of a String is the number of elements in it.You can create strings using string literals or string objects.Because intervals are usually created from constant strings or are available for adjusting days and hours that overflow their normal ranges.In the verbose input format, and in some fields of the more compact input formats, field values can have fractional parts; for example .

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