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And unfortunately, they were still used as fighting dogs.

However, the majority of pit bulls were NOT fought, instead earning their keep as hunters, herders, guardians and friends. Ease of training and a predisposition to interact well with humans was essential for all of their traditional jobs.

When several officers attempted to force their way into the apartment, Caban agreed to release the woman out the back door. Caban was arrested after a struggle and transported to police headquarters, where he was booked on 13 charges.

"That's it bitch, you're dead," he told her, according to the statement.

The pit bull, meanwhile, was found sitting outside the apartment building and was transported to the Thomas J. In her statement to police, the woman said she and Caban had been dating for a year.

Early Tuesday morning, he became enraged after finding a phone number on her cellphone.

The original "bulldog," used primarily for boar hunting as well as companion and guarding purposes, appears in paintings dating back as far as the 1500s.

These dogs look remarkably similar to today's pit bull.

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"F--- you, if you don't have a warrant you're not coming in," a man, later identified as Caban, said.

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