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As any inquisitive composer would, he would go on to experiment with pop, folk and Great American Songbook-strict genres, both with the 97s and on seven solo albums, including 2015’s The Traveler for the group’s new imprint, ATO.But with 2014’s twanging Most Messed Up for said company, the group boomeranged back to the sound that defined it in the beginning, starting with the snarky opening loper, “Longer Than You’ve Been Alive,” in which Miller cynically reflects on his determined career: “We’ve been doing this longer than you’ve been alive/ Propelled by some mysterious drive/ And they still let me do it as weird as that seems/ And I do it most nights and then again in my dreams.” Graveyard Whistling—tracked in the same Tornillo, Texas studio where Too Far to Care was polished, now called Sonic Ranch—follows streamlined suit. It would have been all too easy for Miller to have studied the Idiocracy-insane political environment over the past year and leapt right for the Donald Trumpjugular.“It was a very male lineup last year, and that bothered me,” says Miller, 46.“So I really started thinking about this year, and envisioning it.And I said, ‘This is a really worthwhile thing, and it’s going great.’” She promptly agreed to appear, as did soul legend Mavis Staples.Which all nicely ties in to the galloping new Old 97’s record, Graveyard Whistling, in his opinion.“And it was weird, because it was such a late-career moment to have it be that overwhelming of a positive response.So following that up presented a new problem, because I don’t want to just make the same record, over and over again.

“Because we were trying to do a festival for a lot of years, but it was just such a pain in the ass with all the risk and all the insurance,” he says, sighing.And Most was such a specific record, a beyond-the-pale exploration of sin and excess.So I found myself writing these new songs that were the Saturday morning equivalent.It segues into a clanging Bethea-powered chugger, “Bad Luck Charm” (“If you cross your fingers you can hang me on your arm/Baby I’m a bad luck charm”), the pedal-steel forlorn dirge “All Who Wander” (“All who wander are not lost/ Just me, just me”), and the punkabilly hoedown “Jesus Loves You,” with Miller’s most cutting and assured witticisms yet: “He’s got the whole world in His hands/ I’ve got Lone Star in cans…You say Jesus loves you, but what about me? “Good With God” feels like a methedrine-injected “Ghost Riders in the Sky,” and counters Miller’s pious mea culpa “All I know’s I’m good with God/ I wonder how she feels about me” with Carlile’s feral avenging-angel rebuttal: “You should be scared, I’m not so nice/ Many a man has paid the price…you’re just a joke that’s going around.” Then there’s the acoustic-strummed jangler “She Hates Everybody,” which revives the singer’s old trope of the damaged femme fatale (“She’s a lovely girl but she’s a misanthrope/ She’s sick of the world she’s at the end of her rope/ She’s had it up to here with everyone but me”), and a couple of celebratory, don’t-think-too-deeply anthems, the punk-frantic “Drinkin’ Song” (“I’ll kick your ass if you don’t sing along/ Let’s sing a drinkin’ song”) and the jig-like—and self explanatory—“Irish Whiskey Pretty Girls.” Hey—the guy has been doing this longer than you’ve been alive.He deserves to just cut loose with classic punk rock bonhomie every now and then.

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And Lucinda Williamswas my first target—I wanted her to be the top of our bill.

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