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Producers like Diestel say that their heritage turkeys are free-range and organic."Being range grown in the Sierra Nevada Foothills, our Heirloom Turkeys enjoy the large open pens covered in grass and shaded by large oak and pine trees.They must also be minimally processed, meaning they have only been handled as necessary to slaughter, clean, and make them ready for human consumption.Look for the words "natural", "minimally processed", and "no artificial ingredients" on the label.Oddly enough, a natural turkey may contain a solution of water, salt, and other natural flavorings to enhance tenderness and juiciness.Natural does not mean "not injected" or "not self-basted" or "not enhanced".Commodity turkey describes those birds raised by large regional and national producers in high volume using modern agricultural methods, in accordance with USDA guidelines.This is your basic supermarket turkey that is tasty, safe, and inexpensive.

Since supermarket turkeys are slaughtered at a young ageunder 28 weeks oldboth hens and toms are about the same in terms of taste, juiciness, and tenderness.

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Buy a turkey based on weight and don't worry about sex.

Natural turkeys may not contain artificial flavorings, coloring ingredients, chemical preservatives, or other synthetic ingredients.

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