Uncensored face to face chat accounting consolidating statements

In fact - and this is a real first for me - one of your tables was so frustrated, they phoned for a fucking pizza.

[crosses over to the blue kitchen] Hey, you, hello?

I cannot believe you're actually attempting to fucking win a restaurant! By the time you get back in here, from the blue team, nominate someone that's going tonight.

I'm, I'm, I'm--I'm dying to understand what's going through your FUCKING MIND!

Did you really think I was going to go out there with the quail, burned to a cinder? You (the blue team) get on the sections and work together!

[leads Rachel into the pantry] What the fuck are you doing? Gordon: I don't know if you're colour-blind or you've got a problem with your fucking contact lenses, that is blood. Can we just cut the salmon into a slice without fucking around? I've got 11 tables waiting for main courses from the red team! Keith: [gives Gordon his jacket] So you're saying that Virginia's a better leader than me? Whatever station you told me, through the line with people that didn't know anything.

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